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MSISA Property and Consulting Agents is a leading property buyer and consulting agency in Australia.

We represent buyers in the real estate buying process. The strategy, process, and systems that we have developed and implemented, separate us from the rest. Our service is designed to make the real estate buying process simple, fun, and rewarding.

We provide a diverse range of services which include Buyer’s Agents and Consulting. We also develop an innovative style of property research that is designed to help ‘The Buyer’. Our research approach is unique and dynamic.

We are a buyer-driven property group at MSISA Property and Consulting. We exist to deliver excellence, innovation, simplicity, and reward to any person looking to purchase a property.

We provide dedicated time and focus on the buyer in the real estate process. We are driven to give the buyer the representation they deserve. It is time that buyers have access to the investment edge to help achieve phenomenal results.


Sanders Muleya, the Director and Founder of MSISA Property and Consulting is a successful property investor, property developer, and property mentor who knows how crucial it is to provide buyers and investors the right representation they deserve to attain their financial freedom.

With 13 years of experience in the residential and commercial property industry, Sanders has managed to Acquire 15 positive cash flow properties in different Australian states.

Originally from Zimbabwe, he moved to Australia in 2004 working as a Registered Nurse. His line of work did not stop him from educating himself in the world of the real estate business. He learned all available property investment strategies, from renovations to developments.

Although Sanders has replaced his income through positive cash flow properties, creating sound financial habits for others remains his top priority and focus. He is known for making calculated investment decisions, discovering many problems for real estate investors in Australia as buyers are never represented.

In Australia, under 90% of the citizens own 1 to 2 negatively geared properties, providing little to no cash flow at all. All sellers are represented and supported by real estate agents to sell their properties. Still, most buyers are doing it tough on their own without the support of a property professional.

Knowing this imbalance situation, Sanders got on a mission to support, educate, and represent buyers who wish to grow passive income through investing in well-researched, risk-free residential and commercial real estate.

Knowing this imbalance situation, Sanders believes all buyers and investors should get genuine assistance from a professional who only has their best interests at heart: to support, educate, and represent buyers who wish to grow passive income through investing in well-researched, risk-free residential and commercial real estate.

Establishing MSISA Property and Consulting became his great avenue to help investors create wealth and enjoy life as well as a fulfilled retirement.

Our Services


MSISA Property and Consulting Agents provide a full spectrum of property advisory services to achieve successful outcomes.


Our experienced firm has professional agents to provide expert guidance for home buying and property investment.


Our professional private property advisors use the latest technology, research, and analytics to provide deeper insight into wealth growth and long-term advantage from investment.


Our vendor advocates have decades of experience in the local real estate business.


We Change People’s Financial Future Through Positive Cash Flow Property Investments For A Stress-free Retirement.

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3 Darren Ct, Glenwood NSW 2768, Australia

+61 431 577 620

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