Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

by Msisa Property
May 27, 2023

Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Warm breeze, birds chirping and insects come buzzing about, it is time to welcome spring. With things coming back to life after the winter cold, spring is also the best time to give a fresh air of life to your home.

Being a good property owner entails a hefty amount of responsibility to keep everything in shape. Proper and regular maintenance with a little do it yourself will save you a lot of coins in the long run. Here are some tips to go around in maintaining your home this spring:


And we do mean deep cleaning, it is called spring cleaning after all. Look into both the exterior and interior of the house. Interior cleaning is a must to prepare your home for the new season. Power wash your driveways and decks to give it a fresh look. And if you have a shed and/or garage, that will need some decluttering too. Air-out your home as well to let the fresh air in and prevent moulds from building up.


The harsh winters cause an extreme toll on home roofing systems so a thorough check should also be done. Check around the house for any roofing material that might have fallen off, loose and buckling fixtures might also need some replacement. Clean out debris and leaves on gutters to prevent clogging and water damage specially with the spring rains.

Plumbing and Drainage

Maintain your dishwasher by cleaning your filters and de-clogging the pipes. Take a quick check on all faucets (inside and out), pipes and drainage. Spouts should all drain away from home to prevent seepage and foundation damage.

Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Besides the heat it provided during the cold months, your HVAC will also need some love. Filter replacements and checking if it is on the best condition is a good go to. Spring is also a preparation for the coming summer so it is important to get your air conditioning inspected and properly serviced.

Pest Control

Warm weather is what life loves the most and by life it also includes the little ones, mice, cockroaches, rats, ants and termites. Prevention is better than cure so make sure to perform pest control inspections and hire a professional if needed.


A not so expensive way of giving your home a new and fresh look by doing some repainting. Spring is also the best time to prepare for the summer activities so make sure to repaint your wall and the backyard fence.

Maintaining your home may be a tedious task but just like getting your home, it is also an investment that keeps on giving. It gives you ample time to prepare for the rest of the year and makes sure that you don’t get into unnecessary expenditure and worry.