Discover How To Invest In Property Using A SMSF.

(Without Having To Work Double Shifts And Spend Your Life On The Job Every Day)

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Build Wealth with a Proven System

Property investment can be overwhelming, especially for Zimbabwean migrants in Australia. But with the right strategies and support, you can retire comfortably and leave a lasting legacy for your family. MSISA Property Agents has helped countless investors achieve their financial goals through real estate.

From $50 to 18 Properties: A Real-Life Success Story

Sanders Muleya went from humble beginnings to owning 18 properties and achieving financial freedom through the power of property investment. Now, he wants to share his knowledge and experience with you.

Get personalized coaching and expert advice from Sanders Muleya

Join Sanders Muleya, a successful investor and author, on his journey to wealth through real estate. Learn the powerful 10x Property System that helped him go from $50 to 18 properties. Let MSISA Property Agents show you how to achieve your property dreams and build a legacy for your future.


The 10x Property System

Achieve Your Property Dreams and Retire Comfortably with MSISA


Personalised Coaching

Sanders Muleya’s proven system for building wealth through property investment, covers everything from finding the right properties to financing and managing them.


Expert Advice

Get one-on-one guidance and support from Sanders Muleya himself, a successful investor with a proven track record.


Build Wealth and Create a Legacy

Learn from the best in the business, with tips and strategies from MSISA Property Agents, a trusted name in wealth creation through property investment.


Achieve Financial Freedom

With the 10x Property System, you can build a portfolio of successful investments that will provide for you and your family for generations to come.


Personalized Support

Learn the secrets to multiplying your wealth through property investment and retire comfortably without worrying about money.

Achieve Your Property Dreams and Retire Comfortably with MSISA

Only Few Seats LeftLearn the proven 10x Property System from successful investor and author Sanders Muleya. Discover how to turn $50 into 18 properties and achieve your property dreamss

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