Chairman’s Award at the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA) Awards, the most prestigious recognition at ZAA Australia.
Zimbabwe Achievers Awards
This year sure did throw us it’s fair share of challenges, but where there is a will there is always a way. There is no perfect time to invest if you know what you are doing. There were Successive rapid interest rate rises, property booms, looming recessions, and global wars. Despite these challenges we and our clients had a very good property investments outcomes. Steve Muleya- Joined Msisa as a property acquisition manager. This is to expand our business and be able to offer our clients the best service they so deserve.
Msisa Property Team
Purchased 105 investment properties for our clients using Self-managed super funds. Also purchased 45 properties for our clients using Equity bringing the total properties purchased to 150. Despite the challenges we continue to find and purchase positive cash-flow properties for our clients. We now invest Autralia-wide.
Msisa Property Team
Our dream of owning 20 properties by 2024 is getting closer and real as we added two properties to our portfolio in 2023 making it a total of 18 properties.
Msisa property owner with lady
We continue to undertake developments despite the negative media sentiments and managed to completed a duplex development.
Msisa property owner outdoor

We have a few developments that are underway and due to be completed in 2024

Msisa property owner in ground
Providing property education to the community Guest speaker at seminars and zoom webinars notably. Black wealth connect ZIMAA 2023 Gala Afroprenuer summits in Melbourne and Sydney Botswana independence celebrations Several zoom webinars with Gracious Masuka Several online property interviews and podcasts. The 10x property system book distributions and sales.
Sanders Muleya
The 10 property System book
We are also advertising on Sydney buses and educating investors on how they can invest using their super and Equity for a better retirement experience.
Sanders Muleya print in bus
2024 will be a better year with massive migration, tight rental market, fewer building approvals ,and the projected fall in interest rates. In my experience, after each dowturn, a property boom follows. Make 2024 your year of prosperity. Success only favours action takers.
Sanders Muleya
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