Client SMSF Deal – Capital Growth – Low Budget Duplex Purchase


About the client:

Young couple with very low combined super savings of $200K. Set up an SMSF to invest in property for capital growth.

    • Strategy: Capital growth and positive cash flow and massive depreciation in a growth area. Top 10 Terry Ryder growth areas for the next 10 years.
    • Location: NSW:
      5 minutes drive to a new hospital.
      30 minutes to New Castle and the airport.
      One and a half hour drive to Sydney

Let’s talk numbers:

    • Asking price: $430K
    • Negotiated price: $420K
    • Client saved: $10K
    • 70% LVR
    • Rental per week: $475 $480K
    • Vacancy rate: 1.8%
    • Current value after 1 year: $475K
    • Capital growth: $55K or 13%- Amazing results

Reach Us

3 Darren Ct, Glenwood NSW 2768, Australia

+61 431 577 620

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