Land Subdivision Into 3 Lots – Multiple Strategy Deal


About the client:

A very busy medical practitioner who has no time nor expertise in property development. Has a lot of equity to invest in brick and mortar using the services of a property consultant.

    • Location: NSW- 50km from Liverpool CBD
    • Land Size: 1500m2
    • Strategy: Renovation of the existing house, subdivision into 3 Lots and sell the existing house and the 2 blocks of land.

Let’s talk numbers:

    • Asking price: $490K
    • Negotiated Price: $485K
    • Client saved: $5K
    • Cost of renovations, Acquisition, and the land subdivision: $200K
    • Sale of the renovated house on a smaller block of 500m2: $400
    • Sale of each land Lot: $300K X 2 = $600K
    • Total realized profit before all expenses: $315K in 8 months.

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