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Download our Client Engagement Process document

Msisa Property

Clients Testimonials

Msisa Property Purchases

Case Studies

Case Study 1

Self managed super fund purchase (SMSF)
Client Type- Registered Nurses (Couple with combined super)
Strategy- Long term hold for capital growth
Purchase Prize- $340K
Rental Return- $475/week
Annual Rental Return- 7%

Case Study 2

Purchased in personal names.
Client Type- Husband and wife- Both Nurses (Used Equity in their home)
Strategy- Positive cash flow + Capital growth
Purchase Price- $420K
Rental Return- $450/week
Annual Rental return- 6%

Case Study 3

Purchase in a Family Trust to minimise tax
Client Type- Busy- Interventional Cardiothoracic surgeon.
Strategy- Duplex Development- Keep one and sell one.
Instant Equity and manufactured growth deal.
Profit on sale- $150K
Mortgage on refinance- $480K
Rental Return- $580/week
Annual Rental Return- 6%

Case Study 4

Purchased in a Family Trust
Client Type- Accountant and Nurse (Couple)
Strategy- Capital growth in Terry Ryder ‘s best 10 investments spots.
Land size- 700m2
Purchase Price- $600K
Rental return $590/week
Annual rental return- 5%

Case Study 5

Self-managed super fund purchase (SMSF)
Client Type- Medical Doctor
Strategy- Duplex purchase- Capital growth + Positive cashflow
-Two properties- Two rental returns.
Purchase price for Duplex- $1Mil
Rental return- $1060/week
Annual Rental Return- 5.5%

Case Study 6

Purchased in a Company structure
Client Type- Part time- Property Developers
Strategy- 4 Town-house development
Zoning – R2
Land size- 780m2
Purchase- Price- $761K
Rental Return while awaiting approvals- $550/week

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