Vendor Advocacy Services Sydney

Vendor Advocacy Services in Sydney, Australia

Vendor Advocate

Isn’t it a good idea to work with vendor advocates rather than listing your home directly with an agent? MSISA Property and Consulting Agents provide trusted vendor advocacy services. Our vendor advocates have decades of experience in the local real estate business. We have explored every kind of market across Australia. Therefore, we provide unbiased and undivided pieces of advices about the home sale process.


MSISA Property and Consulting Agents have a leading team of qualified vendor advocates. We have a team of certified vendor advocates verified from REIV, REINSW, REIQ, and PIPA. We assist clients by providing a network of home appraisal officers, home lawyers, brokers, and analysts. We are transforming the way of selling real estate property. Visit our website, leave your requirements there and we will get back to you as soon as possible. There are other alternatives to look at, which states, “we buy houses for cash, “so if you are within their location, you may want to see how they can assist you in case you are unable to use our services.

What Make Us Different from Others


Affordable: You can save thousands of AUD by consulting us. We do not charge extra-free from clients. We are affordable and convenient to approach.

Time saver: Have you experienced poor time management? Our experts make sure that every step is completed without delay of a single day. We handle your sale without any fuss or wastage of time.

Best experience:
Have you ever faced the worst experiences with vendor advocates? We help you find the best vendor advocates to make this process swift, easy, and hassle-free for you.

Great selling advice:
Our experienced vendor advocates provide you the excellent selling advice and manage your campaign. We negotiate on your behalf that works for you

How Can We Assist You?


Analysis and research of your local market:
Our expert vendors research in the local market to uncover the property’s true value, check competitive prices, and evaluate recent sales and auction data.

Design your dream team:
We gather professional vendor advocates for outsourcing and managing your property requirements.

Choose the best agent:
Our experienced vendor advocates choose the best agent to monitor your deal. We design the best strategy by keeping in view your requirements.

Design effective marketing channels:
Our professional vendor advocates give recommendations to improve the visibility of your property. We focus on designing the most effective marketing channel that meets your demands. Additionally, we provide guidance about actual sales prices and terms to get the best outcomes.

Arrange auctions for you:
Our expert vendor advocates interview and short-list the potential auctioneers. Our experienced individuals attend auction days with clients and negotiate on your behalf. We provide guidance about actual sales prices and terms to get the best outcomes.

Post-sale follow-ups:
We make your transition less stressful by providing you the best property lawyers who coordinate with you until the final inspection, council notices, and deposit release.