What Is The Difference Between Buying Agents And Listing Agents?

by Msisa Property
April 14, 2023

What Is The Difference Between Buying Agents And Listing Agents?

Many questions come to your mind while choosing the best buying agent or the listing agent. What is the difference between a buying agent and a listing agent? What kind of buyer’s agent can help to solve my problems? What are my aims? Does my buyer’s agent meet my expectations? Well, you will get all the answers in this article.

Buying agents

A licensed and top property agent who guides the home buyer to purchase the right home at the best prices is known as a buying agent. It is an undeniable fact to contact a buying agent to purchase your dream home.


Verily, the entire home buying process is very complicated for some investors. The buying agents can save you from unnecessary headaches. It is safer and easier for first-time homebuyers to leave their burden on expert buying agents.

  • The professional buying agents have zeroed personal interest and a hundred percent dedicated to protecting your objectives.
  • The buying agents also provide a list of available properties. Additionally, top property agents can search and find off-market homes for their clients as well.
  • They schedule everything for you to avoid any delay during the home inspection, contract formation, negotiation, and transaction.
  • They have a network of professional individuals including brokers, home appraisal officers, mortgage officers, and lawyers.

Listing agents

The listing agents help to represent the home seller during the transaction process. If you want to sell your house at the highest competitive rates, find a professional listing agent in your locality. Also, there may be times when your listing agent could be unable to find a buyer for your house, resulting in your property being placed on the expired real estate listings. These listings aren’t always profitable, but with the aid of an experienced listing agent, you might be able to get a property of your choice.


  • They list a property with Multiple Listing Service MLS
  • They assess the sale potential of a property and perform aggressive market analysis.
  • They coordinate potential buyers and help the sellers to sell their property at market competitive rates.
  • The listing agents review the offers made by sellers.
  • The expert listing agents determine the best possible terms to sell a property.

Where can I get vendor advocacy services in Sydney?

To get the best vendor advocacy services in Sydney, contact MSISA Property for trusted advice. You can find potential buyers under their surveillance. The vendor advocates also help to represent your house in the best way. They try to sell your house at the best possible rates by analyzing the market growth rate, condition of the home, and availability of facilities in your surroundings.

Bottom line

Now you can clearly differentiate between listing agents and buying agents. It will solve your trouble to choose between one of them. We cannot deny the importance of buying agents and listing agents. The buying agents are helping potential home buyers while listing agents are helping sellers. Both of them fulfill their responsibilities with dedication and trust. However, reeducate yourself before consulting a buying agent or listing agent. Ask multiple questions to judge their integrity. Check reviews of the previous clients. Do not feel any hesitation to share your queries with your experienced buying agent or the listing agent. Choose the one who protects your aim.